Works on Any Smartphone or Tablet*

If you charge via USB – which all smartphones and tablets do – Umbrella will protect your data.  When connected to any USB port, Umbrella allows power to flow to your device so it can charge, but physically disconnects the data connections – eliminating any possible data theft or leak.

  • No App or download required!
  • No settings, switches or charging required – EVER!

Just plug it in and enjoy security and peace of mind.

Ultra-Portable, Ultra-Durable

Measuring less than 2 inches (~ 5 cm) long and made of premium and durable materials, Umbrella can keep up with your lifestyle day in and day out.  Leave Umbrella attached to the end of your smartphone or tablet ‘s charger – so it is always there when you need it.

Unmistakably Secure

We made Umbrella bright so it would be highly visible.  That way, you can see Umbrella at the end of your charger and without having to check anything, you know your data is completely secure.

100% Insecure to 100% Secure

When using a USB cable, you risk malicious data transfers.  Your data can actually be hacked from “charging stations.”  Instead of relying on software settings or an anti-virus program, Umbrella eliminates the hassle with a 100% effective solution.  Just plug it in and you’re protected.

The Most Affordable Insurance Available

Unfortunately, we have all gotten the infamous “low battery” warning only too frequently.  We have no choice but to charge at the first USB port we can find – we take this risk because of how important it is to have our devices charged, potentially at the expense of our own data’s security.

With Umbrella, you no longer have to worry about this risk.  Think of Umbrella as an insurance policy – plug in at the first USB port you see, completely risk-free.

Use Cases

Version 3 – Coming Soon!



Although we have a plethora of devices at our disposal to test with, new phones are constantly coming out and sometimes protocols change, so please help us out by letting us know if there are any issues discovered!

If using your native charger, charging will not increase in most cases.